Let’s Encrypt is Awesome

Leland.me is now running over HTTPS, making it the last of my main websites (the others being Themetry and WP Chat) to be served over an insecure protocol.

I set it up using Let’s Encrypt, a new certificate authority that’s been generating a lot of buzz lately.

And for good reason: SSL certificates typically cost money and have a lot of manual, tedious installation steps.

Let’s Encrypt certificates are not only free, but many of those aforementioned tedious installation steps are automated.

I’m Selling FitnessApps.com on Flippa

Like the title suggests, I’m selling the domain FitnessApps.com, which is obviously a killer niche app domain name. This is just a quick post to let you know that it is currently for sale on Flippa.

There’s just so much you can do with the domain, but here’s a few ideas:

  • Make some really useful/awesome fitness apps for iOS, Android, and/or the web
  • Charge like 99 cents each, or have in-app-purchases for “workout plans” and the like
  • Make free versions with ads. Make your first million. And repeat. Again.

I’m using a similar monetization strategy for my iPhone games at Astro Bro. It’s a winning one.

and it comes with bonuses (like the full rights and source code to a bunch of already-made fitness apps). You can get more information on that at the quick landing page I set up on the Fitness Apps site.

How To Move WordPress To A New Domain

So late last night, I moved leland.info over to leland.me. I bought the leland.me name a while ago with the intention of “rebranding” leland.info with it, and haven’t gotten around to it until now.

This will be a quick post on how to properly migrate a WordPress site to a new URL, including the crucial task of redirecting old URLs to the new domain.

Step-By-Step WordPress Migration Process

I have a pretty simple process for moving WordPress sites. It’s not 100% ideal compared to a service like ManageWP or plugin like BackupBuddy, but it’s free and it works in most cases.

The SEO Strategy Spectrum, Finding a Middle Ground

I see a lot of misinformation out there about SEO, and it’s never going to end. When ignorant SEO-clueless people see an ad for “get #1 for any keyword!” they’re going to pay attention, and they’ll probably pay up for some fraudulent ranking service. (Hint: the only people who can actually “guarantee” you a top spot in a search engine would be the search engine, not some random dude advertising on Google Ads).

The SEO Strategy Spectrum

There seem to be two sides of the spectrum when it comes to SEO strategy. On one side are the “content purists” and the “over-optimizers.” I just thought of these two terms off the top of my head, so I’ll explain what I mean.

Why Google Doesn’t Care About Validation

One time I got an email from a “SEO expert” telling me that my site was doing so poorly in search engines because one of my pages had a few validation errors and that I needed to hire an “expert” like him to “optimize” my site so it would rank better. Here are the facts:

  • The site ranked in the top 10 for phrases like “free wordpress themes” and “wordpress themes” which are pretty sought after keywords in that niche.
  • The site averaged about 30,000 total visits per month from search engines (mostly Google) for other various long tail keywords.
  • The site had about 400,000 incoming links from various websites, quality content, and a good reputation within its niche.
  • The XHTML validation errors were because of a YouTube video I embedded. The default code YouTube provided caused a few errors in validation.

Anyone with half a brain when it comes to SEO will know that a strong link profile, quality content, and a solid reputation will trump a few validation errors on a page (with the exception of a few edge cases).

Why .CO Is Destined For Failure

.CO is the country code for Colombia, and registration was just opened up to the general public yesterday. Yes, there have already been some big sales like e.co for $81,000, Twitter acquiring t.co, and Overstock buying o.co for $350,000.

Who Is Buying Them

As far as the biggest sales go, it appears large corporations are grabbing them up for vanity purposes. T.co, for example, will be used by Twitter for some sort of link shortening service.